An Update

I took a month long unannounced break from blogging. It wasn’t really for any one particular reason but a slew of things in my personal life and of course, on a global scale. It’s no secret, everything’s different now. Everything’s harder, the loneliness, the stress, the anger and what makes it even weirder is that everyone’s going through the same thing. It started to make … Continue reading An Update

IBE Recap: 9 Indie Beauty Brands to Keep Your Eye On

One of my favorite parts of the beauty industry is finding new indie brands to support. Don’t get me wrong, I love big brands too but there’s something so personal about independent beauty brands that you can’t find with corporately owned ones. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles for the past three years and it’s so … Continue reading IBE Recap: 9 Indie Beauty Brands to Keep Your Eye On

5 Foods to Eat When You’re Stressed

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food when it comes to stressful times in my life. I definitely stress-eat and when I do, I hardly ever reach for something healthy and I’ve found that while I may feel “good” in the moment after eating junk, I tend to feel even worse after the fact. I figured, I’m probably not … Continue reading 5 Foods to Eat When You’re Stressed

Your Guide to De-Stressing

With National Stress Awareness Day right around the corner (11/6) and the holidays edging ever-closer, I put together a guide to de-stress this season. Don’t let holiday travel, family visits and endless lines at the mall dim your shine! Here are a few quick de-stressing tips to help you relax during the holiday season. Grounding Grounding is a technique popular among those who suffer from … Continue reading Your Guide to De-Stressing

Amika Supports HairToStay for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

HairToStay is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase awareness for scalp-cooling technology—a system that works to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy—and provides financial support for cancer patients to receive this hair-saving treatment. Founded in 2016, HairToStay began with a mission of building a nationwide subsidy program for scalp cooling technology, supported by partnerships with both philanthropic and commercial organizations. Recently granted FDA Clearance, scalp cooling is not covered … Continue reading Amika Supports HairToStay for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

5 CBD Products I Love

If you’ve been to any store that carries beauty products, or if you’ve been aimlessly scrolling instagram, then I’m sure you’ve noticed an influx in CBD-related beauty and skincare. According to the recent Future Market Insights report, “CBD Skin Care Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2019-2027”, the revenue generated from sales of CBD skincare products is estimated to be over $645 million in … Continue reading 5 CBD Products I Love

Better Skin While You Sleep with Nature’s Bounty Beauty Gels

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product from Influenster in exchange for an honest review. Nature’s Bounty GoodnightLovely Beauty Gels contain hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to deliver overnight moisture and Melatonin to promote a good night’s sleep. The Beauty Gels are free of preservatives, lactose, sugars and artificial sweeteners. The Review Ok, listen. I’m not one for supplements. In all honesty, I’m not one to take any … Continue reading Better Skin While You Sleep with Nature’s Bounty Beauty Gels