Scentbird Aims to Make Wellness Accessible for All

SCENTBIRD, the subscription-based fragrance and beauty company, announced that it has launched a brand new product category, featuring an exclusive range of health and wellness products for men and women. The line of full-size products will be available as part of SCENTBIRD’s existing monthly subscription service, and will introduce new brands throughout the year.

Scentbird Wellness

Founded in 2014, SCENTBIRD was initially created as a community for fragrance-lovers, and soon expanded to encompass more than 500 perfumes and colognes, in addition to its own namesake line of personal care products. After launching a makeup vertical in November 2018 and premium skincare in March 2019, SCENTBIRD’s latest expansion features products targeted at a variety of key benefits, from energy and focus to women’s health and immune support. With wellness in particular, SCENTBIRD offers an easy, approachable way to sample new products every month.

“The rise of health and wellness has been pivotal for Scentbird. Discovery is the cornerstone of our business model, and with wellness it was important for us to be able to help consumers navigate all-new ingredients and advanced technologies, from the comfort of their own homes,” said Scentbird CEO Mariya Nurislamova. “Our platform mitigates the limitations of traditional sampling, by allowing consumers to choose which full-size products they want to try each month.

The first products available in the diverse offering, include: Ora Organic Vegan Pre-Workout Supplement, Highline Wellness CBD Chews and CBD Drops, Golde Matcha Golde Turmeric Tonic, Anima Mundi Collagen Booster Elixir, Perfect V Vanicure Essentials Kit, and others.

“Wellness was the natural next step for us as we strive to be at the forefront of beauty trends, and as we build up our platform to become the ultimate discovery destination,” said Vice President of Brand Relations Richard Vera. “We intend to offer a curated assortment of products for gut health, calmness, hair and nails, women’s health and CBD.”

The wellness collection allows SCENTBIRD subscribers to explore a wide range of products, including plant-based oils, food-based vitamins, ashwagandha and elixirs, as well as provide genuine feedback and reviews on their experiences.

“As the intersection of wellness and beauty continues to evolve, our goal is to make it easily accessible, so consumers can customize their personal care routines,” says Nurislamova.

SCENTBIRD encourages consumers to form meaningful connections with brands, adopting new products and adapting their beauty and grooming rituals in a way that feels authentic to them.

A sampling of the products included during the unveiling are:
  • Ora Organic: Vegan Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Highline Wellness: CBD Chews and CBD Drops
  • Golde: Matcha Golde Turmeric Tonic
  • Anima Mundi: Collagen Booster Elixir
  • Perfect V: Vanicure Essentials Kit

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