What I Love in October


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Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love by Jonathan Van Ness (9/24)
This really should have been included in last month’s edition of What I Love but I found it after I posted and figured I’d just save it. I’ve heard so many good things about this memoir and JVN seems like such a genuine person on Queer Eye so I would love to catch a glimpse into how he became such an iconic personality.

Full Throttle by Joe Hill (10/1)
A collection of 12 short stories, including the source material for Netflix’s upcoming original film, “In the Tall Grass.” It’s always so much fun to read collections of short stories as you can knock one or two stories out a night (or week) and you’ll feel fully satisfied. It’s perfect for busy bees! And add that they’re horror stories and its spoopy month? Obviously, I’m excited.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (10/8)
I don’t want this to sound as shade to Leigh Bardugo at all, but I’m really happy to see her step out of the Grisha-verse and into adult fiction! This sounds like it’s going to have some mysterious vibes with a hint of bad-ass, female empowerment and I’m all for that.

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best Life by Ali Wong (10/15)
Written as a series of hilarious and heart-felt letters to her two daughters, Ali Wong gives life advice and I’m excited for her to help me “live my best life” because damn I really need some help.

Forking Good: A Cookbook Inspired by The Good Place by Valya Dudycz Lupescu & Stephen H. Segal (10/22)
Look, I’m going to say it, The Good Place is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and honestly, maybe of all time. I’m crying that this is the final season but I’m also glad that it is. I’m also glad that this cookbook exists and will help me make some yummy Good Place-inspired treats for a series finale viewing party.



Joker (10/4)
I know Joker’s been catching a lot of heat by media lately but I’m still really excited for it. Joaquin Phoenix is such an immensely talented actor and to see an origin film of one of my absolute favorite villains put together with just a series of all-stars is really exciting for a wittle Batman fan like me.

Gemini Man (10/11)
I honestly, wasn’t super excited for this movie until I saw Will Smith’s YouTube video about the technology used in the film. It’s incredible how intricate and amazing it really looks so I really want to see it in action. They utilized the de-aging technology in real-time while filming and I’m pretty much still shook.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (10/11)
UM, HOLY CRAP. 1. how did I not know this movie was in production and 2. give it to me now omfg. Breaking Bad was an absolute phenomenon and I’ve always wondered what happened after it ended and now we’re going to see it from the comfort of our own couches because it’s going to be on Netflix.

Zombieland: Double Tap (10/18)
The first movie was definitely surprising to me. Didn’t know what to expect but I genuinely liked it and part 2 looks like it’s going to be just as fun!


shows 1

WWE Smackdown Live (10/4 @ 8P, Fox)
This is the season premiere of WWE Smackdown on a new network, Fox! Loaded with a whole new set and more teased surprises, I’m eagerly awaiting the changes that will come with the move.

Big Mouth (10/4; Netflix)
This show is an adult animated series about kids going through puberty and it is hilarious. That being said though, it isn’t for everyone. The humor is pretty crude and gross but ohman does it make me laugh out loud.

Batwoman (10/6 @ 8P; The CW)
Another character has been added into the Arrow-verse and it is one of my favorite DC Characters Kate Kane herself: Batwoman. Batwoman is a badass feminist icon in my eyes so I’m looking forward to seeing what Ruby Rose brings to the character. I’m not super into Ruby Rose as an actress so we shall seeeeeee.

Nancy Drew (10/9 @ 9P; The CW)
I am on such a mystery and suspense kick. I’ve never read the books because they just never appealed to me. But somehow, a modern day version really does.

Looking for Alaska (10/18; Hulu)
This is my favorite John Green book, I read it in one night and cried while reading it so omfg I need to see this. I also love the actress that they cast as Alaska. But I don’t have Hulu so I’ll have to borrow someone’s login 😦

Watchmen (10/20 @ 9P; HBO)
The comic is essential reading if you ask me and the Zack Snyder film was such a tremendous, spot-on adaptation so I don’t know how this show will top it and how closely it’ll follow source material. But also again, I don’t have HBO so D:

Castle Rock (10/23; Hulu)
I bought the first season on blu-ray and I felt confused because I never read a Stephen King book but I honestly don’t think you need it. You just need to pay attention. It’s full of spooky vibes and if you watch enough Stephen King adaptations, you’ll get most of the little easter eggs.

Silicon Valley (10/27 @10P; HBO)
One of the best shows I’ve seen! It’s so smart and funny and I’m definitely behind a few seasons because of the whole no-HBO thing and it hurts my heart that this is the last season but at least I’ll be able to buy all the seasons on blu-ray at some point /shrug.

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