Get to Know Amy Roberts

Today, we get to know Amy Roberts, a versatile content creator that’s setting out to make a name for herself while motivating those around her:
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What’s the story behind your social media handles and podcast names?
My handle on everything (AMarieByTheSea) is my name Amy Marie and By The Sea, because I like the ocean and have only ever lived in coastal areas. Also, it rhymed and was derived from a silly poem I wrote about myself:
There once was a girl
named Amy Marie.
She didn’t do much but

she lived by the sea.

Podcast wise, it’s mostly stuff that comes to mind and sticks. Talk Nerdy To Me, Baby! was derived from the obvious “talk dirty to me” phrase mixed with the chorus of Pretty Fly For A White guy (😅) which inspired the theme song for the podcast. Mystic Girl Cult (which is currently slated to return for a season 2 in 2020), comes from one of the guests (Meredith on the Season 1 finale) calling a fitness place we both attended a “hippie girl cult” and loving that phrase but not identifying with the hippie element, I tweaked it to my liking. I tend to float towards the witchy/mystic side of things, thus came “Mystic Girl Cult.” Fun fact, the abbreviation “MGC” is magic with no vowels, which I also love. Since Mystic Girl Cult is on hiatus, the idea has spun off into the Magic Moments series I do on IGTV (and YouTube), which is a (mostly) weekly motivational and affirmation series I do for myself and anyone who wants to tune in.

What are your goals?
To be a full time content creator. I love making and sharing things and hope one day to make that my full time job. I’m not driven by one medium of expression, it’s whatever tells the story best.
Tell us a bit about your podcasts/projects
My current endeavors that you can experience right now are:
  • Talk Nerdy To Me, Baby! – a nerdy pop culture/personality driven podcast that posts every Tuesday wherever you find your podcasts. It is co-hosted by my partner in nerd, Casey Suddeth. It’s a very chill, conversational style podcast that sets out to cheer up your day and engage your inner (and outer) nerd!
  • Mystic Girl Cult – is a seasonal motivation/career/female empowerment podcast where I invite people who I admire to share their journeys with me and those who need to hear it. It was made as an excuse for me to hang out with people I adore and have deep, intimate conversations that I may have never taken the time to have without an excuse.
  • Magic Moments – an IGTV (and YouTube) series that stems from my want to build more confidence in myself and my voice by putting myself out there in a way that felt less contrived and more openly vulnerable. It is my journey of becoming a more confident and hopefully less anxious person that anyone can join in on and participate.
I am currently working on other YouTube projects, dipping my toes into TikTok and Instagram crossover content for some fun, and developing an audio drama that hopefully comes out end of this year or the beginning of 2020.
Amy Roberts Projects
How do you find inspiration?/Who inspires you?
Inspiration comes from all kinds of places. Music is a big one because I’m a very visual thinker and it kind of paints a story in my mind that I can shift and alter to fit a new narrative. Otherwise it can be moments in a day or feelings that things I consume (books, movies, tv, etc) inspire. I call it a purple feeling, because when I feel inspired it paints itself that way in my head and that is the feeling I try to create when I make things. There is never a specific “who”, though I have playlists and visual collections to go back to when I need a refill of creativity.
What books or music are you currently consuming?
I’ve been on a big re-reading kick, so I’m going through Sarah J Maas’ series again as well as some Ruth Ware. I recently binged the entirety of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and now want to be a fabulous 1920’s detective who has all the fun. Music, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s new album Lover and Trench by Twenty One Pilots, my two big moods.
When and why did you decide to create content?
For as long as I can remember, I have always made things: Videos, art, etc. I only got the confidence to share things publicly around the time I moved to California and had made a promise to myself to pursue creativity as a career and lifestyle. I create because I can’t imagine a life where I don’t. To me it would feel unfulfilled. So I forced myself to break out of my shell and my fear of doing things wrong (mostly) to just start putting stuff out there until something sticks.
Any advice for people who want to create content?
As cliche as it is, you have to start. It doesn’t matter the budget, the consistency, the quality, what have you. You need to start, get better and gain confidence in the story you are trying to tell with your work. Whether it is instructing people on make up, or crafting a high fantasy world for people to lose themselves in – it is all storytelling and the only way you get the confidence and the drive to do better and make more is to start. The feeling of creating something and sharing it is addicting, if it is something you want to do, that feeling will drive you to continue.
What motivates you?
The want and need to create. It has been my driving force for every major life decision to build my skills and hone my ability to make better stories. That, and the feeling of creating something I’m proud of and want to share. That drives me to keep going and to continue to create.
Who is your style icon?
There is no one thing or person. If you mix Taylor Swift with the new Sabrina witch aesthetic and add in some early 2000s emo, that is my main style.
What’s your dream destination?
I really want to visit Italy. There is an art retreat in Umbria that is a life goal. Also Japan and London.
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