Loey Lane introduces Love AnyBody Body Care Line

Loey Lane LoveAnyBodyFormed in partnership with body positive influencer and content creator, Loey Lane, I’m excited to announce the launch of Love AnyBody, a new body positive body care brand with an entire line of super affordable and super accessible products that are under $11 each and available online, at Target and select Target stores.

Love AnyBody is celebrating bodies at whatever shape or size. With multi-beneficial products that target real body issues, it’s a cinch to incorporate each product into your daily routine.

Love AnyBody vows to embrace every difference, nuance and quirk with products designed to empower you to do the same.

Take a look at the entire line here, available April 5th.

Love AnyBody Stretch Mark Serum

Stretch Mark Serum

2 fl oz | $10.99 MSRP

This lightweight formula is full of essential fatty acids and skin-softening ingredients that sink into the skin to produce a smoother appearance of dry, painful stretch marks. Pair with Stretch Mark Cream for boosted results.

Love AnyBody Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Cream

8 fl oz | $10.99 MSRP

Refresh, soothe and smooth your skin with antioxidants like arginine, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The gel-like cream is formulated to help treat the effects of stretched skin.

Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Stick

Anti-Chafe Stick

2.6 oz | $8.99 MSRP

Say good-bye to chub rub as this superhero stick glides effortlessly onto the skin to build a protective layer that combats friction while soothing discomfort of irritated areas. Squalane, vitamin E, aloe vera and barley extract work together to ease that summer-chafe.

Love AnyBody Anti-Chafe Ointment

Anti-Chafe Ointment

4 fl oz | $8.99 MSRP

For targeted deep treatment, this soothing ointment is fortified with plant-derived extracts and skin renewing ingredients that aid in rebuilding damaged skin while preventing further irritation. To be used morning and night.

What do you think of the collection? Are you picking it up?

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