2 Vision Board Enthusiasts Give Us the Low Down on the Craft

Today is National Vision Board Day! And to celebrate, we spoke to co-host of the Talk Nerdy to Me, Baby! podcast,  Amy Roberts and Los Angeles based writer Kevin Regis to get the inside scoop on vision boards and why we should do them.



What is a Vision Board?

Roberts: Think about what you want to achieve; what you want to bring into the world this year. Is it a new job? Writing a certain amount of words of the project you’ve yet to complete? Whatever it is, I’m guessing you can see it coming true in your mind.

That’s what a vision board is meant to be, a manifestation of your mind’s ability to see what you want and make it happen. I am a recent convert to the practice despite knowing about it for years. The push that made me start is a simple one that I know everyone feels at one point or another – frustration. I was frustrated that I felt stuck in my same routine, my same patterns that were not fulfilling me anymore. I realized that I wasn’t giving my goals the attention they deserved and thus I was stifling my own growth.

Regis: Over the years, artists have been setting and breaking rules to create art. Ideas, thoughts, memories jumbled together to create our own personal chaos— the bills lying on your desk with a nagging red stamp, what’s for dinner, the throbbing paper cut on your thumb, the lingering memory of that cute cashier’s smile from the grocery store as he handed your bag of soda and chocolates together with a receipt.  All of this?


My vision board is an attempt to recreate that kind of chaos every time I sit down and write.

Why Create a Vision Board?

Roberts: It is very hard to ignore something that is right in front of your face every single day. It’s a constant reminder that you believe the things you want are achievable. It is an invitation to the universe that you are open to change and growth. Vision boards are heavily influenced by the Laws of Attraction – the basics of which is that you can manifest anything into your life when you open yourself up and believe it can happen.

Now, you don’t have to believe that to make a vision board. However, it is worth knowing. When you make your vision board, you are telling YOURSELF you are ready and open to meeting your goals. You are ready to make things happen and bring them into existence in your life. So take a moment right now, right here, to close your eyes and think about what you are ready to bring into your life. What do you see in your mind? Those visuals are what you should use to create your vision board, as that is how YOU relate to your goals.

Your Process

Roberts: For my 2019 vision board, I chose a word and a quote to help me focus on what I wanted out of this year. Courage. From that pivotal point, I drafted out what I wanted more courage to do. To tell stories and share them. I used visuals and words that meant something to me for each project I want to complete or move forward with this year. Personal success. I need the courage to believe that I can succeed as a personal brand. That means setting goals for growth that I can mark out. I used logos for sites that I want to meet certain milestones on this year. From there, I want to remind myself that I have the courage to believe that I am worth the effort. This includes putting my health and wellness first, even if it mean sacrificing things in the short term, or traveling to learn more about our world.

Each day, I wake up and have a reminder that I’ve committed to myself. I have chosen to open myself up to this growth. At the end of the year, I get to look at that vision board as I take it down and marvel at what I’ve accomplished and accept what I am still working towards. A vision board is a promise of change between yourself and the universe. It may not all happen that year, but you’ve already opened yourself up to this new path. The pictures prove it.

vision board photo
Kevin Regis’ Vision Board

Regis: Chaos, discipline, and rules. Those are the three keys to a beautiful vision board.

I put the photos, magnets, memorabilia wherever I see space. Their job is to trigger an emotion that would help me transform my own personal chaos into art.

I have a photo of my favorite video game The Assassin’s Creed and a card of Throne of Glass sent by the author herself Sarah J. Maas. One of the many things they remind me is people are complex creatures. There is no one either fully good or fully evil, so whenever my characters are starting to grow a halo on the top their heads, that photo and card are there to remind me I have some editing to do.

Taylor Swift, who constantly inspire me through her music, is part of my personal chaos and dominates my vision board. I have encountered people who constantly show their hate of Taylor Swift by bullying me, so I placed a  piece of confetti that would transport me to her concert where I am surrounded by people who also experience my same struggle for loving her. As a fellow artist, her art has a huge influence on everything that I do.

Being an artist is not only a title. We all have a responsibility to create art that will make this world a better place that is constantly chaotic, using discipline and rules.

The Bottom Line

Vision boards can be anything you want them to be. They are full of your personality, your desires, your dreams. No two boards are exactly the same, just as no two people’s hopes and dreams are exactly the same and that’s the true beauty of the process.

You take a self-reflective dive into yourself to hone in on what’s important to you and you make it a tangible object that you see everyday to give you that subtle push to make your dreams a reality through manifestation.

I’ve heard of vision boards before but never understood the benefits of it but after talking to our wonderful guests, I’m ready to work on my own!

Do you create vision boards? Show us in the comments down below!


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